Why Pampa BBQ?

Do you remember when was the last time that you sincerely relaxed throughout a culinary experience? It seems that we all have forgotten that the habit of indulging our palad is not only a survival behavior but a valuable moment that reinforces communication skills and intensifies bonds  among our love ones . Society is losing the habit of sitting down, relaxing and share  moments with friends and family. We want to break this bad habit and introduce the values that are behind the experience of sharing an occasion; indeed, our main goal is to bring back human connection by stimulating the senses.

“There is no time to sit down” some say, “Time is Money” some others say…  in one way this is right, because time is the only real thing that goes away without permission of rewinding and amending mistakes. On the other hand, how much life have you spended in order to get some more money? Money comes back, life doesn’t.  Pursuing happiness is life. That´s why we encourage you to sit down and make the most of time while you seize the occasion with your friends and family.


13702470_10209647047314511_92791551_oHow we want to do it?

Gauchos use to ride free through vasts territories of South America until the division of the land was implemented. After that they dedicated their lives to farm and agricultural work but always keeping their culture marks with them.

The same situation can be applied to modern society. Societies are isolated by language, work force, behavioral or bureaucratic barriers and some time people migrates for different reasons bringing their culture with them and, thereby; mixing it with preexistent ones.  

So here we are in the middle of a multicultural American society that is open to accept or not new concepts; our contribution, the best culinary experience that you can imagine.

One of the most traditional meal of this country is the “Barbecue”. As an opportunity of this facts three entrepreneurs from Argentina and Brazil are introducing in San Francisco and the Bay Area the most unique piece of Argentine barbecue culture and its components.  

It´s a tradition in Argentina to eat barbecue every Sunday with family. The meal it´s just the perfect excuse to hang out, relax and enjoy a meal. Barbecue in castilian spanish  is an “asado”, a half-day long family affair that unveils the nature of the country and its people. An asado is the social event of the week: a young married couple, for instance, whose parents on both sides live in the same city, will alternate by visiting one set of parents each Sunday. If there are no family ties and the meal is organized among friends, then the location will rotate, each of the guests becoming the host by offering his or her own backyard, grill and grilling skills one weekend at a time. On the other hand, in n Argentina, an “Asado” is not just a way of cooking meat; it is an art form. Every Argentine chef has his own personal secret when it comes to arming the parrilla(grill), whether it is the heat of the fire, the ratio of coal to wood, or at what specific moment they flip each different meat cut. Fire has been the symbol of reunion since the discovery of it around 0.2 to 1.7 million years ago and we intend to keep the flame alive along with the romanticism of the Pampa and the wanderlust of the gaucho.


diseno-sin-titulo-2-minWhat is Pampa BBQ doing?

We are the only company in San Francisco and the bay area working as personal chefs specialized in Argentine gaucho cuisine over fire. Our inspiration is the Argentine chef  “Francis Mallman” and we focus on various Patagonian gaucho methods of barbecuing food. Our grass fed/hormone free beef cuts are from ranches of central US, Uruguay and Argentina. We strive to source natural products from local and sustainable vendors; always seeking the best quality of the product. We are trying to break individualism and enhance  the importance of venerating the table. Eating among loved ones is a sacred moment, private and fragile where we expose ourselves in the most truthful ways. So let us get you in touch with reality, let us invite you to the warmth feeling of fire, let us stimulate your senses, let yourself live though the most unique culinary experience with Pampa BBQ.