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PAMPA BBQ was established in 2014 by Francisco Galvez and Ignacio Viau. We are a Premium BBQ Catering Company willing to introduce you and your guests to the most unique piece of Argentine barbecue culture and its components. We operate in the San Francisco Bay Area.


We are three gaucho chefs completely crazy about meat barbecuing culture and its culinary secrets. We are the only company in the San Francisco Bay Area specialized in Argentine gaucho cuisine over fire. Our inspiration is Francis Mallman and we focus on various Patagonian gaucho methods of barbecuing food. Gauchos have been carrying for centuries an unique style of barbecuing that differs from others and we are committed to keep this tradition alive to the next generations. Our grass fed/hormone free beef cuts are from ranches of central US. Our premium steak has the same best quality as the cuts back in Argentina, in addition and most importantly, we strive to source natural products from local and sustainable vendors. Most of our menu is grilled to perfection. PAMPA BBQ is proud to deliver a unique Argentine culinary experience!

Our Team

Francisco Galvez

Francisco Galvez

Executive Gaucho Chef

Motivated entrepreneur and passionate about Argentinian culinary arts. Business developer and expert on the science of social interaction and communication. Specialties: Leadership with managerial skills. Gaucho Chef.

Ignacio Viau

Ignacio Viau

Business Developer

Entrepreneurial lawyer with marked ability for business development. Very good interpersonal and communicational skills. Creative, passionate and analytical. Specialties: Strategical Planning. Business Development & Online marketing.

Facundo Ponce

Facundo Ponce


Passionate Argentine Chef with more than 10 years in the culinary industry. Motivated entrepreneur exploring new frontiers in the cooking industry and pushing the limits to introduce the highest food quality in the Bay Area.

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